Central Texas Dove Hunting – near Austin

Central Texas Dove Hunting – near Austin

This is my “Day 1” of the 2022 Dove Hunting Season.

This opening day was the slowest compared to other years here. I guess the drought took its toll on our last season on this lease. There is little, to no corn on the ground in the corn fields. We have water in the stock tanks… So, that’s Good.
I’m not going to complain tho. There are some birds flying. I just have to get under them.

I’ve hunted this parcel of land in Pflugerville Texas for about 20 years. Each year, something NEW is being built around it. This year; there is a NEW Pflugerville ISD Elementary school being built adjacent to our corn fields and one of the stock ponds.
This is a sign – that this land will be un-huntalble next year? I doubt anyone would want guns shooting inside 1000 feet from any school in Texas or anywhere. And that’s where we would be.

I will enjoy this last year on this lease as much as I can. I am retired now; so I can hunt every day if I wanted. It’s good to be retired! Now, I just have to heal from my back surgery… and everything will go back to normal. (minus the J.O.B.)

I will have a “Day 2” hunting video out next week. I know… I need to make these videos timelier.

NOTE: I’m not fishing… YET! That video will come in October after my medical restrictions are lifted, or lessened. For now,

Thanks for watching.

Tight Lines and Happy Hunting!

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  1. Catch & Release Outdoors on January 27, 2023 at 4:40 am

    I got to hunt dove this year! Due to urban development around Austin TX… this may be my last year at this location. 20+ years hunting here…. done! It was a good run! T.B.D.

    Happy hunting!

  2. Lucky on January 27, 2023 at 5:16 am

    Good video 😆👍

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