SAFARI BY CANOE | Wild Dogs Hunting in the Okavango Delta

SAFARI BY CANOE | Wild Dogs Hunting in the Okavango Delta

After a few days at Camp Moremi, we traveled even further into the Okavango Delta. The landscape is exactly what you’d imagine to see in the Delta — water, water, everywhere.

This video captures our two favorite sightings from our quick stay at Xugana Island Lodge: an up-close and personal visit with the notoriously shy sitatunga antelope (from a boat! by ourselves!) and an exciting hunt with a pack of wild dogs. These were possibly our two favorite sightings in all of Botswana — it’s such a treat to see wild dogs at all, and the sitatunga was one of our most unique and physically close sightings ever.

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Filmed on a G7x Mark ii
Audio provided by Epidemic Sound

Desert and Delta Xugana Island Lodge —

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  1. AnS Episodes on January 27, 2023 at 5:00 am

    wow I am like watching animals in Lion Kings in real life!

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